Industrial Storage Lockers

Industrial Storage Lockers

Does your warehouse offer a secure place for workers to leave their things? If not, you need to rectify that. Industrial storage lockers are the perfect solution. Our warehouse lockers are industrial grade, which means they are designed to last. You can learn more about our lockers and why your warehouse needs them below.

Why Your Warehouse Needs Industrial Storage Lockers

Everybody needs to bring personal belongings to work, whether it’s a coat, a bag, or a lunchbox. In addition to these items, many people bring valuable belongings to work, including their cellphone, wallet, and so on. Your employees work hard and deserve a safe and secure place to leave their belongings during their shift. This is especially true if sanitization is of the utmost importance in your warehouse and requires employees to wear PPE.

Why Our Warehouse Lockers?

Every part of a warehouse tends to endure a lot of wear and tear, and the locker room is no exception. Our industrial storage lockers feature 16-gauge frames and 24-gauge bodies and shelves. They also feature double-paned doors for optimal durability. Each of our lockers has a hook for workers to lock their belongings with a padlock. Our lockers are available in single-, double-, and six-tier formats. Many of our customers choose to use a combination of two at their warehouse. If you need number plates, we have those as well.

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