Pallet Flow Racking in Calgary, AB

Pallet Flow Racking in Calgary, AB

In the last few decades, warehouse equipment has improved as the demand for efficient warehouses increased. If you want to run a productive and profitable warehouse, you must ensure your equipment is up to par. However, we aren’t referring to your forklifts and other motorized equipment. We’re talking about your warehouse racking. CMI Sales offers pallet flow racking in Calgary, Alberta, for warehouses of all sizes. Learn how this type of racking can benefit your business and how we can help below.

How Pallet Flow Racking Benefits Your Warehouse

Depending on the goods a warehouse handles, companies use a variety of inventory management practices. One of the most popular practices is First-In, First-Out—also known as FIFO. In this inventory management system, companies aim to sell or ship the most recent products that have been made first.

Implementing pallet flow racking in your Calgary, Alberta, warehouse is a great way to support the FIFO method. Pallet flow racking allows workers to easily push pallets across high-density racking. This is especially common when you handle numerous pallets that contain the same SKU or product. This results in a positive impact on your warehouse’s efficiency because your team can quickly pick the appropriate pallets and keep the racking full. Pallet flow racking is generally deeper than other warehouse racking alternatives in order to optimize the space you have.

Why CMI Sales?

At CMI Sales, we aim to provide quality and practical warehouse racking systems to warehouses in Calgary and surrounding areas. In addition to selling the racking hardware itself, we also have a team of technicians that can install and maintain pallet flow racking. We understand that many warehouse owners know how to operate a warehouse effectively, but they may not have expertise in the racking itself. Our team will arrive onsite to install pallet flow racking in Calgary, Alberta, and the surrounding areas. We can also come out to your warehouse and inspect your racking to ensure it’s up to code and safe. If you have any questions about our services or products, contact us—we’re happy to help.