Pallet Racking Inspections

Pallet racking inspections are offered to promote a safe workplace.

Pallet Racking Inspections
Pallet Racking Inspections

Warehousing and storage facilities and systems are an essential component of most all businesses and it is common to have workers in daily interaction. It is imperative that the premises and material handling systems be properly inspected and maintained. Pallet racking inspections are an essential element of any WCB COR program to;

  • Prevent and minimize the effects of accidents.

  • Comply with the requirements of safety standards issued by the WCB, Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and OSHA.

  • Promote safety as part of workplace health and safety.

CMI Sales Inc. specializes in providing completely independent rack safety inspections to the warehousing and distribution industry. We will prepare standardized documentation of your warehouse systems including racking, shelving, dock levellers, dock doors, trailer restraint systems, lighting and signage.

With proper follow-up to inspections CMI is committed to making your racking systems absolutely free of damages caused by excessive loads and forklift encounters.