New Warehouse Occupancy

Project details

  • Design: Collaborate with CMI to create a work space / warehouse space that works bes for you.
  • Engineering: Engage the required expertise to make sure your workspace meets development, building and municipal regulations.
  • Permitting: Coordinate the engineering and manufacturing disciplines to abide by the local municipal regulations.
  • Construction and Installation: Utilize CMI's professional services to install your material handling and storage systems, making sure that workers operate safely in the process.

Occupying new space for your business involves a number of important steps and any one of them can cause delays, frustration and money. CMI has experiences assisting businesses who are considering new space from several thousand square feet to several hundred thousand square feet. We can help generate optimal storage and material handling layout designs, coordinate trades including fire protection and concrete pours, and submit appropriate drawings for engineering and municipal approvals.

Once the building is prepared for occupancy, we can provision racking and material handling systems, install to manufacturer specifications and obtain engineering and municipal signoff’s.


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