Modular Offices

Modular Offices

Modular systems can be used to build anything that traditional construction materials can build. with an extensive list of modular designs combined with experienced design engineers ultimately result in a shorter project time line and less demands on our clients resources.

“New Construction Made Easy” – Using pre-engineered systems you can build anything that can be built with traditional construction materials, while minimizing the demands that often keep a new construction project grounded.

For instance, using modular systems:

You wont need to hire designers and engineers to specify your project.
You won’t need to locate reputable contractors to do the work.
You won’t need to send out multiple RFPs to get an estimate.
Just tell us your needs and we will configure a system to meet your particular application. CMI will coordinate the entire installation process.

Many of competitors offer limited product lines that force builders to use standard components which may not be the best fit for the application. We have the ability to mix and match a variety of modular components to deliver application-specific results while ensuring that your space is designed and manufactured in the most cost-effective manner.