Pallet Shuttle

Pallet Shuttle

Pallet Shuttle is a semi-automated deep lane pallet storage and retrieval system. The shuttle system uses intelligent programming to deliver and retrieve pallets throughout deep bays of rack.

Pallet Shuttle can be built as deep as needed because the shuttle does all the picking. Storing pallets with Pallet Shuttle is done in a few simple steps: Lift truck places Pallet Shuttle on the rails of the row intended for pallet to be stored. The truck places the loaded pallet over the shuttle. Pallet Shuttle lifts the pallet, then transports the pallet safely and swiftly to the correct location.

Pallet Shuttle returns to the end to store the next pallet that the lift truck has placed on the rails to be stored. Retrieval of the pallets consist of the storing steps carried out in reverse. In a drive in system, the pallets on the lower level must be removed to access products stored on the higher levels to allow a lift truck to drive in.

The ability to access product from any aisle of the system increases pick productivity and reduces the chance of a collision within the racking as well as product tipping or damage due to operator error.
The battery in Pallet Shuttle system is very energy efficient allowing it to be utilized in LEED certified warehouses as well as reducing mileage on lift trucks helping to conserve further energy.

The lift option adds automation and reduces the usage of lift trucks. In cold storage applications the reduced usage of lift trucks within a freezer can dramatically reduce energy consumption. Average lift trucks operating in a cooler of freezer application can lose up to 50% of battery charge and life cycle due to the temperature. The use of an deep lane storage system such as Pallet Shuttle reduces the need to have multiple trucks operating within a freezer. The Shuttle system contains a high powered Lithium battery that gives it the ability to operate seamlessly in temperatures as low as -22C.

The Pallet Shuttle system is scale-able with the ability to add features to create a fully automated system with the implementation of a vertical lift, eliminating the need for lift trucks to place the shuttle in the correct row. The fully automated option also allows the rack structure to be extended vertically to increase storage capacity.

At around $350 per pallet position, the solution provides increased storage capacity, reduced labor/energy costs, scale-ability and flexibility.