We all accumulate and need stuff and to keep it relevant and organized shelving is a must. Whether for a home, office, retail stock room, warehouse, distribution centre or fabrication shop, shelving is an indispensable organizer.

There are unlimited style options available – from the original bolt-together version to new, highly configurable bolt-less styles offered with colour choice and choice of shelving materials. Given the cost of labour, the bolt-together systems of old are becoming too costly to set-up and adjust for most installations.

New shelving systems can be quickly assembled and adjusted to match the exact dimensions of a room or space. They can form the basis for a multi-level mezzanine or catwalk system, be enclosed for security, have shelves of wood, metal, or wire mesh fronted with doors, mounted with parts drawers, set up with workbenches – the possibilities are endless.

Due to their durable design, bolt-less systems will last for years and CMI has re-purposed used systems many times. Our stock of used can be combined with new pieces to provide a cost effective solution for applications large and small.