Warehouse Mezzanines

Warehouse mezzanines are ideal for adding space to warehouses, manufacturing facilities, shops, hangars, and other areas. Their use is often considered when companies require extra work or storage space and do not wish to move, or to improve workflow by adding vertical workspace. Use them for adding pick / pack areas, high-density storage, work and assembly space.

Many options available based on pallet racking, shelving, structural steel and a mix of these. Floor coverings can be ultra durable bar grating or smooth surfaced tongue and groove flooring.

Cost effective: Compared to new construction or facility relocation, mezzanines are less expensive and more efficient. CMI can help you explore ways to provide more working space under the terms of your existing building occupancy. Mezzanines also let you use existing climate control, parking, etc.

Versatile: We can assist you with conveyor integrations, pick modules, vertical conveyors, and related needs for a modern warehouse. However, it is important to review your local building codes and permitting rules as part of early discussions.