The best warehouse storage systems take advantage of the space you have. All warehouses are unique, which means you need a custom storage strategy that fits the needs of your building and your business. Learning about the different types of warehouse storage will help you choose the best solutions for your space. Find a strategy that works for you with this overview.

Static Shelving

Manufacturers design static shelves to stay in one place. This stable storage strategy is great for inventory that you must regularly replenish. An organized static shelving layout allows workers to sort products so that similar items or SKUs are near each other, making it easy for packers to navigate the warehouse. However, the fixed nature of static shelving makes it difficult to modify a preexisting layout.

Mobile Shelving

Like static shelving, mobile shelving is a great solution for items that packers pick manually. Mobile shelves sit on a track that lets workers slide the shelves laterally to access inventory. This eliminates fixed aisles and allows more shelves to exist in a smaller space.

Multi-Tier Racking

Multi-tier racking allows warehouses to make the most of their vertical space. You can add and remove tiers to your system as needed. Multi-tier racking is a great way to maximize your storage space without investing in major expansions or renovations. To make the most of the multi-tier racking system, warehouses must organize their inventory in densely packed layers that still adhere to weight limits and safety guidelines.

Pallet Racking

When it comes to the different types of warehouse storage, pallet racking systems are invaluable—especially in large or busy warehouses. This storage solution consists of large, durable shelving that can hold large boxes and pallets of inventory. Pallet racking systems make it easy for forklift operators to load and unload inventory as they move around the facility.


Mezzanines add another level of storage to your facility. The extra floor this adds to your warehouse gives you more room to store and manage inventory. While you have to pay for the construction of your mezzanine, this prevents you from having to move locations or rent out extra space if you begin to outgrow your current setup.

Reliable storage solutions are the key to an efficient and successful warehouse. If you’re looking for warehouse storage in Calgary, look no further than the friendly experts at CMI Sales. We’ll help you find a storage system that matches your warehouse layout for the ultimate boost in space, efficiency, and productivity.