Time is money. The faster you work at your business, the more money you’ll make. Filling orders is easier with the right layout. Uncover warehouse layouts that can improve efficiency. Check out which elements you need to improve your operations.

Types of Warehouse Design

If you can’t get items out in time and struggle with expired inventory, you may need a new warehouse design. The type of design you choose for your business will depend on the shape of your space. Common layout designs include the following:

  • U-Shape: This design is the simplest. Shipping and receiving are on one side of the building while storage is on the other.
  • L-Shape: If you have an L-shaped warehouse, place your shipping and receiving areas at each end. You can keep storage in the corner of the L-shape where it will be out of the way of utility vehicles.
  • I-Shape: Another basic style is the I-shape. If your building is long, you can place shipping and receiving at either end and then place all your racking pallets in the middle.

Designate Space for Loading Docks

You won’t get much choice in where your loading docks are since your building will likely come with them. They should allow trucks to dock and forklifts to remove items from their beds. This is one of the major parts of your business and needs its own team and managers to keep it running smoothly.

Create an Office Space

A reception area allows you to check items for quality as they come through your warehouse. It’s best if this station is separate from shipping and receiving. This area is also known as the sorting area, and it’s where products are assessed as they enter.

Organize Storage Space

You’ll need a separate area for storage or inventory. Vertical storage is the best way to go when organizing a warehouse. When you have the right warehouse storage equipment, you can maximize your space and fit more items per square foot.

Develop a Picking Area

Designate a picking area near your storage. You may include more than one depending on the size of your warehouse. These areas help staff prepare packages and also ensure that you ship the correct items.

You may need to experiment with your layout to get it right. Try each of the best warehouse layouts that can improve efficiency to see which makes the most sense for your business. Talk to your staff and experts at CMI Sales to figure out the best layout for your warehouse.