Warehouse Services


warehouse designWarehouse Racking Systems, Shelving, Material Handling Systems, and Services. No, we are not suggesting a doctor’s appointment. But it is important to consider that stacking inventory to the ceiling can introduce dangers in your place of work. CMI has designed and installed hundreds of storage systems and our warehouse racking installers will set up your system to current local code with an extra measure of consideration based on our experience.

Taking your layout from design to drafting, through engineering and permitting are the most important first steps we take care of. Once your system has been delivered, our warehouse racking installer service team will then make sure the solution is installed to the manufacturer’s specifications and in accordance with municipal code and engineering specifications. Whether it is a simple shelving system or complex racking project, automated material handling system, a mezzanine, an outdoor storage system, or basic storage for a farm, home or hobby shop we will make sure the job is done right.

Of course, after the installation is complete you have a brief period of trouble-free use. But like all things, maintenance is a necessity. CMI can periodically inspect your storage systems for damage that might put the integrity of your system at risk. We understand the tolerances that the system was designed to withstand and have a sharp eye for potential hazards.

Damage due to overloading, forklift encounters, improper placement of shelf levels, and improper repairs are all things that we will make sure to highlight. Our warehouse racking system experts can quickly address issues by repairing or replacing damage, minimizing any potential safety hazard, and offering suggestions to reduce or prevent future damage.

Warehousing and storage facilities and systems are an essential component of most all businesses and it is common to have workers in daily interaction. It is imperative that the premises and material handling systems be properly inspected and maintained.  Upon request we will prepare standardized documentation of your warehouse systems including racking, shelving, dock levelers, dock doors, trailer restraint systems, lighting and signage.  Inspections are an essential element of any WCB safety program to:

  • Prevent and minimize the effects of accidents.
  • Comply with the requirements of safety standards issued by the WCB, Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and OSHA.
  • Promote safety as part of workplace health and safety.