Warehouse Design

Warehouse Design Services

Making an investment in real estate for your business is one of the larger capital project you will face. Optimizing that investment is crutial – and CMI can help.

Prior to signing the lease or purchase agreement, CMI is available to review your storage requirements and offer guidance when it comes to selecting the right facility layout. If you’re your building decision is already made, CMI will ensure the space you are occupying is utilized the the greatest possible extent. Our design consultants will incorporate all aspects of your business into our design;

  • Type of inventory: Liquid, solid, hazardous, non-hazardous? Does it have a shelf-life or special storage requirements?
  • Physical inventory characteristics: Dimensions, weight, packaging materials.
  • Operational characteristics: Material flow, flow velocity, shipping and receiving processes.
  • Building envelope dimensions, building code and permitting considerations.
  • Lift equipment and material handling equipment considerations.

We can be called upon to deliver these key services:

Warehouse design services: Our drafting services “put-pen-to-paper” your ideas to ensure the installation can be properly reviewed, approved and installed with consideration for all trades.

Engineering approvals and municipal permits: CMI has helped a long list of customers get the required engineering approvals to support their planned use of building space. Additionally, we are adept at navigating the municipal permits based on current code and building standards.

As an Alberta-based company, we can effectively serve western-Canadian businesses with their warehousing implementation needs. Whether you are considering building a new facility, moving to an existing building, renovating your current location or simply needing some repairs to your existing systems, CMI is here to help.