The unsung hero of businesses spanning across a diverse range of industries, warehouses are essential for the storage, shipping, and/or light assembly of products, raw materials, and other components. With such important roles to play, you should optimize your warehouse to perform its given tasks as smoothly as possible. We’ve identified some specific reasons why warehouse layout and design is important.

Increases Productivity

The foremost reason to pay attention to layout and design is that you can greatly increase productivity. By organizing goods in an intuitive manner, workers can store them away quickly while noting their presence and quantity. Later, they can just as readily locate items when necessary. Furthermore, you may strategically set certain parts of your inventory next to the machinery involved in their processing. This will reduce the time and effort it takes to get them into a state where they are ready for shipment, as is the case for items that require packaging or labeling at the warehouse.

Reduces the Likelihood of Errors

In addition to allowing for faster, smoother operation, a good warehouse design can reduce the likelihood of errors. Even if you somehow manage to get your warehouse processes up to a high speed without an efficient layout, consistent mistakes can offset any progress you’ve made. Moreover, smaller problems—such as misplacing one item—can quickly grow into serious dilemmas if you suddenly find that there is a whole section of inventory you have not accounted for that has been growing over time.

In an organized warehouse, no item will get lost because each one has its proper place. Consequently, you will be able to satisfy customers fully because you have records on all the goings-on within your warehouse and can send, receive, and replace inventory in a precise and timely manner.

Maximizes the Use of Space

Maintaining a warehouse day-to-day costs you money. You need to pay for the space itself, the associated utilities, the upkeep of any machinery present in it, and the workers present there. With improved layout and design, you can reduce these costs. As you have a well thought out storage setup implemented into your warehouse, you can fit a greater amount of inventory there than you could have otherwise. You, therefore, do not need to expand to a larger warehouse as quickly or pay more to accommodate your growing needs. All your warehouse-related tasks can be completed right there without the need for additional transportation. By having everything well-organized, you may be able to reduce the number of personnel onsite at the warehouse as well.

If you want to maximize the use you get out of your warehouse, call CMI. We offer warehouse design services to help you fulfill your storage and other inventory needs while staying within the relevant regulations. Whether you are still deciding on a warehouse site or already have a space you are working from, our consultants are here to help you navigate the process.